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Dr. Mohiuddin Khan as a project manager is responsible for the management of Leak Detection and Monitoring (LDM) project, data quality review, emergency response, business development, data acquisition equipment operations, and project implementation at HGI’s Richland Office. Dr. Khan has extensive experience in working on and providing solutions to environmental problems at the Hanford Site. He has a PhD. in Environmental Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering and Aquatic Chemistry, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He has significant experience in process engineering, system design & operations, review designs, bidding & procurement, remediation, environmental management, program management of large projects, hydrogeology, remote sensing, and State & Federal regulations as a certified regulator. As a scientist and an engineer, Dr. Khan is highly experienced in R&D with extensive interdisciplinary work experience focused on contaminant fate transport, public health & safety, and environmental remediation; hazardous waste management & compliant configuration; advanced energy efficient filtration technologies for water reuse, and electrochemical process for soil, sediments, and wastewater treatment; and sustainable contaminants management, and environmental resilience for energy optimization toward green infrastructure. He also worked on applied R&D projects including the use and deployment of system control technologies, implementation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Machine Learning (MI), and energy efficient electrochemical & control systems. He has excellent written & verbal communication skills, and have authored more than 75 professional publications and invited presentations. Dr. Khan is an editor of two peer-review journals, and reviewer of numerous peer-reviewed high impact-factor journals & international professional conferences. He has been serving since 2008 the expert technical & grant proposal panels of NSF, EPA, NIH, DOE, DOE, US Army Corps of Engineers, and ONR. He serves numerous professional organizations as a senior committee and voting member.

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