Joe Cain

Geologist II, Tucson, Arizona

Joe’s Snapshot

Title:Geologist II
Degree: MS in Geology
University: University of California, Davis
HGI Start Date: 2014

Home Office: Tucson, Arizona
Specialty: Geology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Electrical resistivity, geophysical data analysis, Health & Safety
Escape Activities: Everything Outdoors – Music – Sheep dog training – superhero movies.


Joe Cain is our staff geologist with a diverse background of geoscience skills developed over 15+ years as an exploration and resource geologist. He received his M. Sci. degree in geology from the University of California, Davis, in 2006 and holds B.Sci degrees in both geology and environmental science from Northern Arizona University. Joe excels in geologic analysis and interpretation of field-based data and computer modeling and analysis output. He has provided clients with field services such as drilling oversight of multi-rig campaigns, geotechnical core logging, geologic mapping, and sampling, and coal-bed methane desorption analysis. Joe is competent in computer-based analytics, including GIS, 3D geologic modeling, geostatistical analysis, and well-log correlation. In addition to his field and computer-based expertise, he has experience reporting to NI 43-101 and JORC code standards, due-diligence review, and developing NEPA documents for federal management agencies.   Joe currently integrates geologic and geophysical data to support secondary mining recoveryhydrogeologic studies, and environmental remediation efforts at HGI.

When Joe is not in the field, you can look for him in the backcountry, either mountain biking, skiing, rafting, kayaking, climbing, trail running, or hiking (or a combination of those!).  He is typically accompanied on these adventures by his rock star wife and assortment of border collies.

Joe at work:

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