Joshua Liesemeyer

Field Technician

Josh’s Snapshot

Title: Field Technician
Degree: B.A. in Kinesiology
University: Arizona State University
HGI Start Date: 2024
Home Office: Tucson, Arizona
Specialty: Electrical Resistivity and Seismic Survey Field Work
Escape Activities: Outdoor activities – Traveling – Riding his motorcycle


Joshua Liesemeyer is a Geophysical Field technician with hydroGEOPHYSICS (HGI). Joshua joined HGI in 2024 and brings a robust background in emergency medical services and a solid scientific aptitude to HGI. He is involved in field data collection, equipment transport, and on-site problem-solving, contributing to HGI’s diverse geophysical services.

Joshua has proven his adaptability to various environments, works efficiently under pressure, and has a proactive approach and meticulous attention to detail. He has been instrumental in the successful execution of field operations and in maintaining high-quality geophysical data collection.

Joshua’s skill set includes the implementation of geophysical surveys such as resistivity and seismic surveys. He also brings a high level of first aid and life-saving experience from his time as an EMT. His expertise in emergency medical services has enhanced his teamwork, communication, and safety skills, making him a valuable asset to HGI’s field team.

Outside of work, Joshua enjoys traveling, doing outdoor activities, and riding his motorcycle to remote destinations. His adventurous spirit and commitment to continuous learning align with HGI’s mission of providing innovative and reliable geophysical solutions.

Joshua holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Arizona State University and an EMT Certification from Maricopa Community College, where he received MCC Academic Presidential Honors.

Josh at work:

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