Montreal Taylor

Geoscientist I

Montreal’s Snapshot

Title: Geoscientist I
Degree: B.A. Geology
University: Texas State University
HGI Start Date: 2023

Home Office: Tucson Arizona
Specialty: Data collection of Electrical resistivity, seismic refraction
Escape Activities: working out, watching sports, and eating buffalos wings


Montreal Taylor is a Geoscientist I with hydroGEOPHYSICS (HGI). Montreal joined HGI in 2023 after working as a Geochemistry research assistant for 2 years while attending graduate school at Texas Christian University. In geochemistry he worked with the synthesis and characterization of Aluminum oxides commonly found in the soil. He is fairly new to the company and currently works with the data collection of seismic refraction and electric resistivity forms of geophysics. His future plans are to be able to collect and interpret both forms of geophysics as well as learn leak detection skills.

Montreal knows that coming from a geochemical background to a geophysics background the world of geology is full of surprises and information. As he goes through his first year with the company he will have lots of opportunities to learn and grow within his role as a Geoscientist. His natural curiosity for new knowledge and exploration in the world of geology will make him succeed with HGI.

Montreal played college football player and also ran track and carries those same values post college. He enjoys working out, watching random YouTube videos and watching sports with friends.

Montreal has a good educational base with a bachelor’s degree in Geology from Texas State University and taking 2 years’ worth of geology graduate courses at Texas Christian University.

Montreal at work:

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