Montreal Taylor

Geoscientist I

Montreal’s Snapshot

Title: Geoscientist I
Degree: B.A. Geology
University: Texas State University
HGI Start Date: 2023

Home Office: Tucson Arizona
Specialty: Data collection of Electrical resistivity, seismic refraction
Escape Activities: working out, watching sports, and eating buffalos wings


Montreal Taylor, a recent addition to hydroGEOPHYSICS (HGI) as a Geoscientist I, began his journey with HGI in 2023. Before joining, he spent two years as a Geochemistry research assistant while pursuing graduate studies at Texas Christian University. During this time in Geochemistry, Montreal’s work centered around synthesizing and characterizing Aluminum oxides, a significant component of soil geochemistry.

Montreal’s academic background consists of a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from Texas State University and two years of graduate-level studies in geology at Texas Christian University. This educational foundation has equipped him well for his transition from a focus on geochemistry to geophysics.

At HGI, Montreal assists senior project managers in data collection involving seismic refraction and electrical resistivity, two critical methods in geophysics. His immediate career objective is to not only master these techniques but also to expand his expertise in leak detection.

Montreal’s transition from geochemistry to geophysics is driven by his belief that geology has many surprises and endless learning. His innate curiosity and eagerness to explore new frontiers in geology are qualities that position him well for success at HGI.

Montreal is a former college football player and track athlete outside of his professional life. He carries the discipline and values from his sports background into his current pursuits. He enjoys staying active through regular workouts, indulges in his love for sports by watching games with friends, and relaxes by enjoying buffalo wings. Montreal’s varied interests, from sports to academic pursuits, reflect a well-rounded personality that contributes to both his professional and personal growth.

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