Shawn Calendine

Marketing & Development Manager, Tucson, Arizona

Shawn’s Snapshot

Title: Marketing & Development Manager
Degree: Environmental Science & General Science
University: Portland State University
HGI Start Date: 2005

Home Office: Tucson, Arizona
Specialty: Business Development, Marketing, Website Development & SEO
Escape Activities: Photography, Coaching tumbling, Cycling, and Travel


  Shawn Calendine is the Marketing & Development Manager at hydroGEOPHYSICS (HGI).  Their background and experience have given a robust professional quality to HGI’s marketing environment while creating long-term value for HGI by developing strong client relationships.  Shawn knows what truly drives conversions and solutions for industry challenges—and it’s not by following the latest marketing fads.  It’s connecting with people and understanding their needs.  It’s building trust through integrity and flexibility.

Prior to joining HGI, Shawn served as the Director of Development & Marketing for an environmental nonprofit.  They focused on educational and hands-on programs, emphasizing personal action in waste reduction, land stewardship, and urban forestry.  As a nonprofit executive, Shawn adapted to challenges readily.  They helped organize conferences focused on climate change in the desert southwest while establishing fundraisers supporting projects, programs, and long-term organizational goals.

Since joining HGI in 2005, Shawn has worked in many positions.  Their initial geophysical experience started as part of a team managing the leak detection and monitoring (LDM) program for nuclear waste tanks at the Hanford Site in eastern Washington State.  The project monitored changes in subsurface conditions associated with the stability of nuclear waste tanks.  Following the work with the LDM program, they moved into field geophysics while also spending five years as HGI’s Environmental Health & Safety Officer.

In addition to their work as a marketing consultant, Shawn participates as a board member and member for several Tucson nonprofit organizations, including Vice President of the Arizona Hydrological Society (AHS), Tucson Clean & Beautiful (TBC), and a participating member of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME).

Shawn holds Bachelors of Science degrees in both Environmental Science and General Science with a minor in Biology from Portland State University.

Shawn’s Papers & Presentations

Automated Leak Detection of Buried Tanks Using Geophysical Methods at the Hanford Nuclear Site

Secondary recovery of a copper heap leach

Electric leak detection and leak location on geosynthetic liners in the mining industry

Non-Invasive Geophysics for Active Mining Sites

A Miner's Guide to Electric Leak Location for Geomembrane-Lined Containment Systems

Shawn at work:

Articles by Shawn

How Geophysics Can Help Prevent Reservoir Breaches

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Pinpointing industrial pond liner leaks – HGI Leak Detection

Electric Liner Leak Location for Industrial Ponds

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