Stephen Alizadeh

Staff Geoscientist I

Stephen’s Snapshot

Title: Staff Geoscientist I
Degree: : Major: Bachelor of Science in Geology Minor: Mining Engineering
University: University of Arizona
HGI Start Date: 2023
Home Office: Tucson, Arizona
Specialty: Resistivity surveys, geology, injection monitoring, ArcGIS mapping.
Escape Activities: : Camping, exploring, rock hounding, hiking, hanging out with my dog, playing guitar, and tennis.


Stephen is a staff geoscientist at HydroGEOPHYSICS who specializes in geophysical resistivity analysis, geological drilling oversite, various mapping techniques, and fieldwork/data collection. His understanding of geomorphological relationships concerning various Earth system processes has aided in interpreting and constructing various geophysical modeling projects. Stephen believes in understanding the earth’s resources to contribute to a more connected and efficient world.

Stephen’s experience includes three years of continued research as a research technician for the University of Arizona on erosion management for several reclaimed mine sites across Southern Arizona. These contributions include extensive rill and drainage density maps created via ArcGIS and sediment and flow process interpretations from analyzing sheer stress relationships due to environmental factors from field samples and proxy experimentation.

Additionally, he played a significant role in a 20-year-long TEM/DC resistivity mapping project headed by the University of Arizona’s Geophysics LASI unit in partnership with the USGS and USFS. The project focuses on structural, hydrological, and geophysical interpretations of porphyritic copper deposits across NW trending faults in Southern Arizona’s Patagonia mountains.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and a minor in Mining Engineering (Mineral Resource Management) from the University of Arizona, Stephen joined HydroGEOPHYSICS in 2023 with three years of industry experience. His specializations include electrical resistivity surveys, drilling geology oversite, ArcGIS mapping, sediment characterization, and data interpretation. He is MSHA 5000-23 part 48 certified, and OSHA HAZWOPER trained.

When he is not working, Stephen enjoys exploring the great outdoors. He is fond of rock hounding, studying regional fauna/fungi, camping, planting terrariums, playing guitar and tennis, hiking with his dog, and reading about ancient civilizations.

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