Dr. Dale Rucker

Dale Rucker is the Chief Technical Officer for hydroGEOPHYSICS, Inc (HGI) and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, MS in Civil Engineering, and a Doctorate in Hydrology and Water Resources from the University of Arizona. As CTO, Dale is responsible for the technical direction of the company, including the development of new hardware, software tools, and interpretation for geophysical methods aimed at solving hydrological and engineering problems. Dale has several publications dedicated to improved understanding of near surface geophysics and its role in serving the earth science community at large, data, analysis, and acquisition. He is a member of SEG, EEGS, AGU, SME, and EAGE. He is also an associate editor of the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics and Journal of Applied Geophysics.

Dale’s main areas of research focus on rapid monitoring of dynamic subsurface processes, such as subsurface injections, focused recharge, and remediation. To help with this effort, he guided the development of a large multi-channel resistivity system with a real-time evaluation component to help optimize reagent delivery or for use in estimating hydraulic parameters. Dale also has been instrumental in mapping subsurface contamination plumes in heavily industrialized areas, using available infrastructure as electrodes. He enjoys challenging opportunities that do not fit the normal paradigm of geophysical problems.