HGI maintains a wide selection of specialized geophysical instrumentation to support project and rental clients. We are committed to data quality and maintain current equipment certification and calibration documents at all times.  HGI adheres to an integrated equipment inspection and validation process that ensures acceptable performance prior, during and after field projects.

HGI also designs and manufactures a variety of data acquisition and monitoring equipment to support geophysical surveys.  This equipment includes:

  • Resistivity Monitoring Equipment – known as our GeotectionTM system, which is used for leak detection, dynamic monitoring and heap leach optimization surveys
  • Calibration Resistor Networks – for use in testing and calibration of data acquisition systems and used to inspect and validate geophysical equipment
  • Interconnect Panels – for use in distribution of resistivity sensor and cable connection.
  • Non-metallic towed platforms – known as G.O.Cart, this completely non-metallic cart is used to house geophysical sensors that can be towed behind all-terrain vehicles to enhance geophysical surveys.

We have invested in computer hardware and software to support inversion of extremely complex and detailed modeling projects.  HGI operates a computer center that includes multiple servers with 16 processors (CPU) and 128GB of memory.  These servers are used to decrease processing time for geophysical modeling, 3D AutoCAD renderings, hydrological modeling, and mechanical stress/strain analysis.

We are continually adding and upgrading our equipment in order to enhance our surveying capabilities. Follow these links to a list of our current geophysical equipment and associated rental fees.