Long Electrode Resistivity at RMOTC

Long electrode resistivity monitoring of an oil reservoir within the Teapot Dome, Wyoming. HGI monitored the event with an early version of the Geotection system.
This example includes reservoir monitoring of a water/surfactant flood into the Shannon Formation at the Rocky Mountain Oil Testing Center (RMOTC). HGI monitored the floods by transmitting and receiving electrical data on each well over a 122 day period. Installation included 50,000 feet of wire draped along the surface to connect each of the 22 monitoring wells to the HGI monitoring trailer. The sampling occurred approximately every 23 seconds on a 30-channel resistivity acquisition system specifically designed for the experiment. The data below show two snapshots from the long electrode resistivity monitoring of injection on well 63S. The injected solution is shown to be growing, moving south, and bound by the northern fault.