Leak Detection

HGI provides a variety of techniques to support leak detection of tanks, dams, pipelines and ponds.  Our technologies have been through rigorous testing and validation on several federal projects (Department of Energy) and are proven to provide better accuracy, earlier detection, and fewer false alarms than competing methods.  One of our techniques received a patent to provide leak detection and quantification of leak rate and volume.

HGI has developed specialized instrumentation and data processing software to enhance our leak detection capabilities.  Some of these innovations include our portable resistivity-based Leak Detection & Monitoring (LDM) systems, some of which have been operational on facilities since 2004.  Our newest trailer mounted system, called the Geotection-180, can support long term leak detection monitoring of industrial sites or single deployments to detect a leak on a lined pond.  HGI has also developed purpose built cable systems that are large enough to span the largest of ponds, which greatly reduced field survey time.

We employ trained geoscientists and engineers that understand construction techniques and use this to better understand how and where leaks occur.  We work with our clients to evaluate their site and recommend the most suitable technology that minimizes downtime while providing the most accurate detection. Most of our surveys include a global positioning system to record the location of detected leaks and a digital map showing the location and relative magnitude of the leaks.  On some projects this has allowed our clients to determine the root cause of the leak occurrence and modify their operating practices to prevent future occurrences.

We have years of experience providing leak detection for:

Lined Structures & Ponds:

  • Industrial process (ex:  power plant scrubber pond)
  • Evaporation ponds
  • Mine site pregnant leach ponds
  • Mine heap leach pads
  • Unlined ponds (ex: farming, city & state)
  • HDPE lined ponds or basins
  • Landfills



  • Subsurface storage tanks (ex: nuclear waste storage, chemical storage)
  • Above ground storage tanks (ex: petroleum, petro-chemical)
  • Septic Tank





  • Earthen dams for commercial and state recreation and water storage
  • Concrete commercial dams
  • Farm stock ponds





  • Fluid containing utilities and pipelines (ex: water utility, water mains)
  • Nuclear waste transfer lines




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For more detailed information about leak detection, you can visit our service-oriented web page at hgileakdetection.com