Zachary Liesemeyer

Staff Geoscientist I

Zachary’s Snapshot

Title: Staff Geoscientist I
Degree: Bachelors of Science, Geology
University: University of Arizona
HGI Start Date: 2023
Home Office: Tucson Arizona
Specialty: resistivity surveys, Seismology and tailing heap injection monitoring
Escape Activities: Outdoor adventures, hiking, camping.


Zachary Liesemeyer, a Staff Geoscientist I at HydroGEOPHYSICS, specializes in deploying geophysical instruments and data analysis. He views geology as essential for understanding the Earth’s subsurface, impacting various human activities. His expertise in rock and mineral composition aids in geophysics modeling and data interpretation.

Zachary’s experience includes a significant role in a 20-year DC resistivity mapping project with the USGS, USFS, and the University of Arizona’s LASI, focusing on porphyry copper deposits in Arizona’s Patagonia Mountains. He holds certifications in open pit mining MSHS 5000-23 Part 48 and OSHA HAZWOPER.

With a Bachelor’s in Geology from the University of Arizona, Zachary joined HydroGEOPHYSICS in 2023, bringing a year of industry experience. His specializations include resistivity surveys, seismology, and tailing heap injection monitoring.

Outside of his professional life, Zachary is an avid lover of the great outdoors. He enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and camping, allowing him to connect with nature and maintain a balanced lifestyle. His enthusiasm for outdoor adventures reflects his personal interests and complements his professional focus on understanding and exploring the Earth’s subsurface.

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