With over 18 years of expertise in locating leaks in HDPE-lined ponds, landfill liners, and heap leach liners using cutting-edge electrical methods, HGI has established itself as the industry leader. While conventional ASTM standards for leak detection can fall short in complex lined systems, HGI’s tailored approach ensures unparalleled success rates.

Why settle for less when HGI’s experience surpasses any other liner leak location methods available today? Our team understands that each lined system presents unique challenges, and we excel in identifying leaks while assessing their significance relative to others in the same system.

Choose HGI and experience the difference that comes with a proven track record and commitment to excellence in the leak detection industry.

Below are links to our website dedicated to liner leak location “HGIleakdetection.com”

Pond Leak Location & Leak Detection

HGI’s pond leak location & leak detection system utilizes the electrical…
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Liner Leak Location

HGI has an astounding success record for liner leak location in containment…
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Talling Pond Leak Location

Tailing ponds are engineered containment systems used…
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Bare Liner Integrity Surveys

Bare Liner Integrity Surveys are widely recognized as critically important…
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Bare Liner Leak Location

Bare liner leak location, also known as ‘Liner Integrity Surveys’ are widely…
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Soil Covered Liners & Leach Pads

hydroGEOPHYSICS Inc. (HGI) uses electrical geophysics to locate leaks…
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Permanent Monitoring

Permanent monitoring for containment structures such as subsurface tanks…
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Assurance Monitoring

Assurance Monitoring provides site managers and workers…
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