Concrete Inspection

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is one of the most effective techniques to provide non-destructive, real-time concrete inspection for a variety of targets.  GPR surveys on concrete can locate and provide information on:



  • Rebar location
  • Post-tension cables
  • Plastic and fiber-optic conduits
  • Pipes
  • Voids
  • Slab thickness
  • Concrete cover

GPR concrete inspection surveys can be conducted on walls, floors, slabs, airport runways, tunnels, abutments, dams, garages, and other concrete structures.  Surveys can also be conducted on asphalt roads and surfaces for similar targets.  Survey images can be generated in real-time for immediate inspection and time-sensitive construction decisions.  Inspections can range from handheld antennas on the order of 10s of centimeters square to roadway or runway surveys using towed antennas at driving speeds.

HGI has extensive experience in the use of GPR to safely locate structures within poured concrete prior to drilling, cutting, or coring.  In addition, GPR surveys can locate voids, deterioration, and other structural problems within concrete slabs.

Concrete rebar location on the top of an underground waste storage tank for retrieval operations at the Hanford Nuclear Site, WA.


Example dataset from a rebar location concrete inspection survey at the Hanford Nuclear Site, WA.