HGI’s Proven Solutions

For over 30 years, HGI has been delivering proven geophysical consulting services. We prioritize value, reliability, safety, and innovation in our expertly designed geophysical methods, catering to clients across a wide range of industries. Our services are customized to meet your specific requirements.
Geophysics For Mining
Heap Solutions is a service that provides assistance to mine operators, supervisors, and metallurgists in understanding geophysical and hydrogeological technologies used for heap leach characterization, monitoring, and addressing other mining challenges. Learn More
Leak Detection
HGI is an expert in detecting leaks in geosynthetic-lined containment structures with our unique liner leak location technology.  Our services are sought after by a broad range of industries, and we are unparalleled in locating leaks in structures containing conductive solutions. Learn More
Dam Assessment
HGI’s Dam Assessment services use geophysical technologies to help dam owners and operators assess the internal integrity of earthen dams. Our tools complement each other to map, track, and monitor water movement within these large structures. Learn More