Leak Detection

HGI is a leader in advanced leak detection and leak location solutions, addressing diverse needs across tanks, dams, pipelines, and ponds. Our systems, validated on several federal projects, provide unmatched accuracy, early leak detection, and reduced false alarms. One of our patented techniques goes beyond typical leak detection, quantifying the leak rate and volume. This innovative approach extends to our specialized leak location tools and data processing software, ensuring we meet our client’s needs effectively.

Our product portfolio features reliable resistivity-based Leak Detection & Monitoring (LDM) systems, aiding clients since 2004. The recent addition to our lineup is the trailer-mounted Geotection system, engineered for long-term monitoring at industrial sites or large-scale resistivity projects. Moreover, we have refined the leak detection process, developing sizeable, purpose-built cable systems that minimize field survey time and enhance leak location efficiency across even the largest ponds.

Our expert geoscientists and engineers understand where and how leaks occur, enabling us to work closely with our clients to recommend the optimal leak detection technology. Our survey reports, complete with digital maps, highlight leak locations and their relative magnitude. This crucial information helps clients identify leak causes, adjust their operations, and prevent future occurrences.

Leak Detection Solutions

At HGI, we provide top-tier, trusted solutions for all your leak detection and location needs.

Liner leak location
With over 18 years of experience in identifying leaks in HDPE-lined ponds and landfill liners, HGI’s cutting-edge electrical methods surpass conventional standards, offering unparalleled success rates. Our tailored approach handles unique challenges of lined systems Learn More

HGI deploys advanced geophysical techniques to detect and locate leaks in subsurface pipelines across diverse environments. Our non-invasive, Time Domain Electromagnetic system quickly identifies contrasts in soil properties due to leaks, providing location and depth data, even in hazardous waste areas. Learn More
Tank Leak Detection & Monitoring
Tank Leak Detection and Monitoring (LDM) facilitates efficient waste management by providing critical data. This continuous monitoring system detects potential leaks early, enabling remedial actions, enhancing efficiency, reducing expenses, ensuring environmental compliance, and preventing expensive cleanups. Learn More
Dam and Embankment Investigations.
HGI leverages diverse geophysical methods for comprehensive Dam and Embankment Investigations. We offer early detection of potential issues, thorough structural imaging, and effective seepage and core strength assessment. Our investigations supplement traditional monitoring, enabling early problem identification and proactive management. Learn More