Mining Services

Elevate your mining operations with HGI, the innovative leader in geophysical consulting, services, and research dedicated to the mining industry. Our expertise spans mineral resource exploration, engineered rock pile characterization, liner leak services, environmental stewardship, and more.

Unleash the power of mining geophysics to augment your drilling or mapping campaigns and uncover valuable insights into the subsurface. HGI’s cutting-edge applications include:

  • Heap leach saturation mapping.
  • Pond liner leak location.
  • Fluid injection monitoring for enhanced recovery.
  • Acid rock drainage (ARD) mapping.

HeapSolutions, a service of hydroGEOPHYSICS, optimize heap leach characterization, monitoring, and engineered structure mapping with hands-on, data-driven, and solutions-oriented strategies to secure your resource’s future and ensure peak operational efficiency.

Our mining industry’s success stems from integrating hydrogeological and geophysical principles to enhance our understanding of heap operations. We offer a suite of mining geophysics and hydrometallurgy tools and technologies to unravel the intricate processes within heap leach operations, providing crucial hydrologic and metallurgic information to reduce costs, conserve water, mitigate slope failure risk, and boost metal recovery.

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Mining Services 

Geophysical Mapping

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Metallurgical Monitoring

Field reconnaissance metallurgical monitoring with mobile…
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Drilling Oversight

In-situ characterization of heaps and dumps is important to obtain quantitative…

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ARD & Seepage Mapping

Acid Rock Drainage is a common environmental problem at abandoned…
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Mineral Exploration

Mineral exploration can be a tricky proposition and an undirected/uninformed…
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