Groundwater Services

Groundwater is a valuable resource both in the United States and throughout the world.  In arid and semi-arid regions, groundwater may be the only source of water due to the scarcity of surface water sources (e.g., lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.).  In the US, it is estimated that groundwater provides drinking water for about half the population and nearly all water for rural areas.  Therefore, finding new sources of groundwater or protecting existing sources is of paramount importance.

hydroGEOPHYSICS, Inc, as the name implies, has conducted many types of hydrogeologic assessments using geophysical tools.  Some examples of groundwater problems include aquifer characterization, groundwater exploration, basin delineation, fracture mapping, karst investigations, aquifer storage and recovery monitoring, plume delineation, and investigating groundwater/surface water interactions.

We tackle each geophysical survey as a unique opportunity, and we don’t apply the same set of tools for every assessment.  Although electrical properties are strongly influenced by the degree of saturation or amount of contamination, other geophysical properties may provide more useful information for a particular problem, including those measured with seismic reflection, seismic refraction, magnetics, and gravity.

The following hydrogeological investigations are provided as examples:

Groundwater Exploration:


Groundwater Protection:

  • Plume mapping 
  • Salt water intrusion
  • Contaminant source identification
  • Groundwater vulnerability assessment


Hydrogeologic Assessments:

  • Aquifer storage and recovery monitoring
  • Pump test monitoring
  • Geothermal reservoir mapping
  • Mapping perched water zones
  • Assessing cross-aquifer interactions