The mining industry presents many unique opportunities for geophysical applications that cannot be solved by ordinary characterization or monitoring methods alone.  HGI has proven itself time and again to be an  innovative and solutions oriented geophysical consulting, services  provider, and research organization dedicated to the mining industry.  HGI has also become a recognized leader in the application of geophysical methods for the exploration of mineral resources, characterization of engineered rock piles, liner leak services, environmental stewardship, reclamation, and abandoned mine lands.   Additionally, HGI has worked extensively on water resource problems, geotechnical applications, and enhanced recovery of metal from heaps.  For more detailed information regarding our mining services, please visit

Mining geophysics offers tools that can be used to supplement a drilling or mapping campaign to gain greater insight into the subsurface.

HGI’s most recent applications of geophysics at mine sites range from heap leach saturation mapping, pond liner leak location, fluid injection monitoring for enhanced recovery, to the mapping of subsurface controls on acid rock drainage (ARD).   However, we have conducted a wide array of projects that can be grouped accordingly:


  • Structural mapping
  • Geologic interpretation


  • In-situ leaching


  • Contaminant source identification
  • Recharge sources
  • Corrective action monitoring
  • Grout curtain installation monitoring
  • Cap integrity monitoringMining Geophysics Image - Hydrogeophysics Inc.


  • Abandoned mine land mapping
  • Corrective action monitoring
  • Cap integrity monitoring